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Circular Economy Sharing Platform


Welcome CASCADE Hub, a pioneering platform designed to empower Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with the knowledge, tools, and connections needed to implement successful circular economy projects. Our integrated platform provides comprehensive 360° support from project inception to financing, facilitating the development of IT-enabled solutions that drive sustainable business practices. 

The challenge

Many SMEs face significant barriers when trying to implement circular economy projects, primarily due to a lack of knowledge and resources concerning project management, funding, and potential partnerships. CASCADE addresses these challenges head-on, offering a structured platform that not only educates but also connects like-minded businesses and experts in the field. 

The solution

CASCADE Hub addresses the challenges faced by SMEs in implementing circular economy projects by providing an integrated platform that combines e-learning modules and networking opportunities. This solution equips SMEs with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate project development from inception through financing. By facilitating collaboration and access to specialized resources, CASCADE Hub empowers SMEs to effectively participate in sustainable practices and enhance their competitive edge in the circular economy.

Features and Benefits

Tailored courses that guide SMEs through every phase of circular economy project implementation.

A user-friendly interface allows users to discover and connect with other professionals, fostering potential collaborations

Access to a wealth of information, including handbooks and platform guides, that support learning and application.

SMEs gain essential insights and practical skills necessary for launching and managing circular economy initiatives.

By connecting with a network of peers and experts, companies can leverage collective expertise to overcome common challenges.

The integrated support system simplifies the process from start to finish, making circular economy projects more accessible and feasible for SMEs.

CASCADE Hub Solution Enide

Real-World Application

The CASCADE Hub was developed by Enide as a key component of the European CASCADE project. Together with eight partners from seven European countries, the platform has been thoroughly tested to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency

Contact Person

David Quesada

David Quesada

Technical Director

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