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Visualizing Real-time Information for Enhanced Coordination


VizEC, developed by Enide, is at the forefront of Human Mobile Interface (HMI) technology, designed specifically for first responders in critical situations. This advanced Mobile Interface (MI) is an integral part of TeamAware’s suite of solutions, aimed at enhancing real-time situational awareness, communication, and operational efficiency during emergency responses. By integrating state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) and User Experience (UX) laws, VizEC empowers users with immediate access to vital information, aiding in quick decision-making and effective incident management. 

The challenge

First responders operate in highly dynamic and potentially dangerous environments where every second counts. They face critical challenges that include:

  • Real-Time Localization and Monitoring: Quickly determining the precise location of team members in complex scenarios.
  • Detection of Surrounding Risks and Threats: Identifying and assessing environmental dangers in real-time to ensure safety.
  • Information Fusion and Comprehensible User Interfaces: Efficiently integrating and presenting vital data from various sources in an easily understandable format.

The solution

VizEC addresses these challenges head-on by providing a comprehensive solution that enhances situational awareness, facilitates rapid decision-making, and ensures effective communication among first responders. Through the integration of advanced AI, intuitive design based on UX principles, and a mobile interface optimized for emergency scenarios, VizEC transforms the way first responders interact with information and each other. The result is a significant improvement in response times, operational efficiency, and overall safety during critical missions.


Features and Benefits

Enhances security and trust, protecting sensitive operational data.

Improves situational awareness and coordination among first responders.

Allows for quick, informed decisions based on environmental and team health data.

Facilitates efficient communication, especially in situations where typing is impractical.

Speeds up communication and ensures standardized responses to situations.

Enhances detailed reporting and communication clarity between team members.

VizEC Solution Enide

Real-World Application

VizEC was rigorously tested in real-world scenarios as part of the the European-funded TeamAware project. These live demonstrations took place in three strategically chosen locations to simulate distinct emergency scenarios: 

VizEC Solution Enide

Emergency medical response and hospital evacuation

VizEC Solution Enide

Explosion and leak at a Chemical Warehouse

VizEC Solution Enide

Subway accident and rescue operation

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David Quesada

David Quesada

Technical Director

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