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Welcome to HUM@N, an innovative e-learning and training platform specifically designed for Humanities Education (HE) professionals. Developed by Enide and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the EU, HUM@N aims to empower teachers and professors by introducing them to new technologies that can revolutionize their teaching methods. This platform not only provides essential training but also awards certificates upon the completion of courses, enhancing both professional development and pedagogical expertise. 

The challenge

Humanities educators often face the challenge of integrating modern technology into their teaching practices due to a lack of relevant knowledge and resources. This gap can prevent them from utilizing technological tools that could significantly enhance their instructional methods and student engagement. HUM@N addresses this need by providing specialized training focused on the application of new technologies in humanities education. 

The solution

The HUM@N platform directly addresses the challenges faced by Humanities Education professionals in integrating new technologies into their teaching practices. By offering tailored e-learning courses and interactive modules on technologies like IoT, virtual reality, and digital storytelling, HUM@N empowers educators to enhance their pedagogical skills and classroom engagement. This innovative platform not only facilitates the understanding of digital tools but also demonstrates practical applications, helping educators modernize their teaching methods and enrich the learning experience for students.

Technical Overview

Main Features

HUM@N operates through a user-friendly web-based Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP) that offers various modules tailored to the needs of HE professionals: 

These modules are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding and hands-on experience with the latest technological tools, enabling educators to effectively integrate these innovations into their curricula. 

Features and Benefits

Tailored modules that cater specifically to the needs of humanities educators.

Engaging tasks linked to course objectives that encourage practical application of learned concepts.

Official certification upon completion, enhancing professional credentials and recognition.

Educators gain access to cutting-edge technologies that can transform their teaching methodologies.

By incorporating modern digital tools, teachers can create more engaging and interactive learning environments.

The platform supports continuous learning and skill enhancement for HE professionals, keeping them up-to-date with technological advancements.

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Francesc Rosinés

Francesc Rosinés

Managing Director

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