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Document Repository

Document Repository


AWARD Market Opportunities, Barriers and Solutions

This document contains a comprehensive business focused analysis of all different deployment opportunities related to connected and automated heavy-duty vehicles in real logistics operations.

AWARD Project Website and Social Network Account

This deliverable reports on the first activities performed under T9.1 “Dissemination and communication activities”. More specifically, this deliverable presents the AWARD website and social media profiles on different platforms.
Document Repository

AWARD Plans for Dissemination of the Results

This deliverable outlines the dissemination plan to follow throughout the project, including the project objectives, channels and timeline to successfully and timely disseminate knowledge and results among the relevant stakeholder groups. It also creates and shares physical and digital C&D materials and reaches out to other relevant R&D projects and EC initiatives.
Trend and Forecast

AWARD Impact Assessment Methodology

This task intends to pave the way from project achievements towards innovation meeting the expected impacts of the EU.
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ESRIUM Communication Kit - Initial version with website

This deliverable is part of WP6 “Dissemination, Exploitation” and is one of the outputs of T6.1 “Communication & dissemination activities”. It includes a set of communication tools specifically designed to amplify the impact of communication activities and to guarantee coherent, wide and timely communication of ESRIUM concepts, objectives and solutions to multiple targeted audiences and the general public.

ESRIUM Market & Business Ecosystem Analysis

This document provides an updated analysis of the market and business ecosystem for ESRIUM business case aimed at supporting a sound exploitation plan for the different involved stakeholders.
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ESRIUM Preliminary Exploitation Plans

This deliverable summarizes the outcomes of our activities and the status of ESRIUM's exploitation at month 18, as well as the various assets and knowledge generated so far during the project's implementation.
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GAMMS Communications Kit

This deliverable presents GAMMS communication materials and tools as part of WP1 “Management”. More specifically, this document presents the project printable materials, website, and social media.

GAMMS Project Webpage

This deliverable reports on the first activities performed under WP1400 “Communication” as part of WP1 “Management”.

3-Co Report on Smart Digital Solutions to Support Sustainable Purchasing Decisions


3-Co Exploitation Strategy and Plans

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