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Apps for transport operators enabling value-added services through SMEs and freelance drivers


Introducing LogiCon – a suite of web and mobile applications designed to revolutionize the logistics industry by facilitating efficient, secure, and reliable data exchange. Developed by Enide with funding from the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme, LogiCon serves as a digital highway that connects small forwarders, carriers, and logistic SMEs, enabling them to seamlessly participate in complex supply chains and international commerce. 

The challenge

The logistics industry, especially among SMEs, faces significant challenges in data interchange. Without affordable and efficient data connectivity solutions, small forwarders and carriers struggle to integrate into the global trade ecosystem. This results in missed opportunities and inefficiencies that can affect the entire supply chain. LogiCon addresses these challenges by providing a platform that enhances data exchange and collaboration across the logistics network. 

The solution

LogiCon is a pragmatic and neutral solution for secure, reliable and confidential automatic data exchange in transport including SMEs and freelances.
LogiCon delivers connectivity as well as web and mobile applications for information exchange and management in the transportation chain among collaborating companies, enabling SMEs to participate in complex supply chains and allows interaction with most types of legacy systems using by well know communication and information sharing standards. The LogiCon tools enable medium and large transport & logistics companies to engage with SMEs and self-employed professionals. 

Features and Benefits

Allows different legacy systems to communicate, overcoming traditional barriers in data interchange.

Facilitates immediate information sharing, from order status to delivery updates, directly affecting decision-making and operational agility.

Offers a suite of applications tailored to the needs of different fleet sizes and operational roles within the logistics sector.

Streamlines the process of data exchange, reducing delays and increasing the reliability of logistics operations.

Empowers SMEs to compete on a larger scale by enabling participation in international trade.

Strengthens the connectivity between companies, subcontractors, and freelancers, promoting a more cohesive and responsive supply chain.

On-board MRM

Desktop Universal MRM

Real-World Application

As LogiCon is in the preparatory stages of deployment, its real-world applications have not yet been realized. 

Contact Person

David Quesada

David Quesada

Technical Director

Connect with us

Want to know more about our LogiCon solution? Then contact us and we will answer all your questions.

Connect with us

Want to know more about our LogiCon solution? Then contact us and we will answer all your questions.

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