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Tools for video, image and data manipulation for Digital Twins


DIGITbrain is a transformative tool designed to decode and adapt videos and images for integration with digital twins within the Agora marketplace. By incorporating a sophisticated system of microservices, algorithms, and models, DIGITbrain introduces the Digital Product Brain (DPB), enhancing the lifecycle management of industrial products with unprecedented adaptability and decision-support capabilities. 

DIGITbrain Solution Enide

The challenge

In the digital age, the seamless integration of data across various platforms is crucial yet challenging, especially when dealing with complex industrial systems. Traditional digital twins require specific data formats, which often leads to increased complexity and reduced reusability of software components. DIGITbrain addresses this challenge by providing a flexible solution that adapts incoming data streams to meet the exact needs of digital twins and other data services, enhancing interoperability and efficiency. 

The solution

DIGITbrain effectively resolves the complexities faced by software engineers and IT consultants in adapting data for digital twins. The platform simplifies the integration of diverse data streams into digital twins by offering robust data manipulation tools and a condition evaluator. These components ensure that incoming data fits specific formats required by digital twins, enhancing interoperability and efficiency. By streamlining data adaptation and monitoring, DIGITbrain facilitates a more reliable and dynamic use of digital twins, ultimately supporting the advanced Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS) business model.

Features and Benefits

Automatically adjusts data inputs to fit the required output specifications of digital twins, ensuring compatibility and reducing manual coding effort.

Continuously checks data streams against established rules and conditions, providing immediate alerts and actions when deviations occur.

Native integration within the DIGITbrain ecosystem allows for straightforward implementation and enhances the functionality of existing digital twins.

Makes it easier for software engineers and IT consultants to develop and adapt data services without being constrained by data format limitations.

Reduces complexity and boosts the reusability of software components, leading to faster development times and lower costs.

Ensures that digital twins operate under optimal conditions by providing them with precisely tailored data, thus enhancing overall system performance and reliability.

Real-World Application

DIGITbrain was developed by Enide as part of the European project DIGITbrain, under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. At present, there have been no real-world applications, although it's fully integrated in DB.

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David Quesada

David Quesada

Technical Director

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