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DigitBrain H2020

Digital twins bringing agility and innovation to manufacturing SMEs, by empowering a network of DIHs with an integrated digital platform that enables Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS)

  • Grant Agreement number 952071

0 M+

42 months

July 2020 to January 2024

The challenge

The challenge is to accelerate the design, development and uptake of advanced digital technologies by European industry – especially SMEs and mid-caps –, notably in sectors where digital technologies are underexploited. SMEs and mid-caps in the manufacturing sector need support in the use of secure digital technologies in their production processes, products and business models to enable personalised products and to facilitate cost-effective small-scale production.

The solution

DIGITBrain Project is an European innovation project aimed at revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by providing an accessible, modular, and collaborative platform for faster development of Digital Twin solutions. By empowering manufacturing companies to optimize their operations using Digital Twins, DIGITbrain seeks to unleash their innovation potential and improve their competitiveness in an increasingly digitalized world.

To implement the concepts behind the Digital Brain, in order to configure and orchestrate data, models, algorithms, and resources available for the industrial products. DIGITbrain will implement the necessary building blocks to generalise the Digital Brain concept, by enabling the description of dedicated models (representing the characteristics of an industrial-product instance) and their evaluation (in edge, cloud, or HPC resources

To extend an existing digital platform (i.e. the CloudiFacturing platform) that is already available for manufacturing SMEs. DIGITbrain will integrate a new execution engine for co-simulation and the industrial platform FIWARE with the aim of supporting the MaaS business model and the implementation of the Digital Brain concept

To develop feasible business models for MaaS-empowered DIHs and accompany their adoption in view of establishing a solid network of DIHs. DIGITbrain will coach the DIHs in implementing the smart business model MaaS and it will support them in designing business plans tailored to the regional conditions, attracting investors, strengthening their long-term sustainability, and democratising the access of advanced digital to SMEs

To augment the capabilities of an established marketplace (i.e. the CloudiFacturing marketplace) by supporting the operation of the Digital Brain concept and the nurture of MaaS-empowered DIHs. DIGITbrain will leverage an existing marketplace for manufacturing SMEs, complementing and building synergies with the existing services, and boosting the engagement with manufacturing SMEs and DIHs

To conduct three waves of application experiments (two via Open Calls) to validate the project results. DIGITbrain will engage with manufacturing end users and technology providers (especially SMEs), in order to define innovative use cases that will benefit from the Digital Brain concept, that will strengthen the competitiveness of the experiment partners, and that will ease the experimentation with advanced digital and manufacturing technologies

To evangelise the manufacturing community on the benefits and impact of MaaS. DIGITbrain will centrally act at the European level, by organising and participating in European events. The DIHs will locally act at the regional level, by engaging with manufacturing end user and technology providers in the region through local events or face-to-face meetings with interested stakeholders

Outcomes: Key results

Role of Enide in DIGITBrain

Technical Role

Enide stands as a vital contributor to the DIGITBrain initiative, revolutionizing the landscape of Digital Twins for SMEs. Anchored in our core service offerings, we provide pivotal components of the platform that empower SMEs with unprecedented insights and operational efficiencies.

Software Engineering

In the realm of Software Engineering, Enide's role within the DIGITBrain project is instrumental in the realization of both the Combined Model Trusted Traceability Service and the SLA Monitoring Service. For the Combined Model Trusted Traceability Service, we take charge of designing and building the technical infrastructure that facilitates secure tracking and traceability. Drawing upon our expertise in software architecture, security protocols, and blockchain integration, we ensure the effective implementation of digital signatures and distributed ledger technologies. In the context of the SLA Monitoring Service, our Software Engineering role involves creating a robust data management and analytics framework. We establish the mechanisms to collect, process, and analyze Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at various levels of aggregation. This requires meticulous attention to data integrity, scalability, and performance optimization, ensuring that the platform's monitoring capabilities are efficient and reliable.

New Technologies Insight

Within the DIGITBrain project, Enide's role in New Technologies Insight is pivotal for driving the advancement of the Combined Model Trusted Traceability Service. As a technology-savvy partner, we identify the potential of emerging innovations such as digital signatures and blockchain technologies. We deeply analyze these technologies and assess how they can be harnessed to establish a secure and transparent traceability mechanism for component hierarchies. Enide's experts collaborate with project stakeholders to explore the integration of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, ensuring they align seamlessly with the platform's goals. By leveraging our knowledge and foresight, we enable the adoption of cutting-edge tools that enhance the credibility and trustworthiness of the supply chain. Our role in New Technologies Insight extends beyond identification; it involves practical application, integration, and contribution to the evolution of a future-proof traceability service.

Supporting Role

Communication and Dissemination

ENIDE understands the significance of clear and concise communication in a complex project like DigitBrain. We work collaboratively with project stakeholders to craft effective communication strategies that bridge the gap between technical intricacies and broader audiences. By translating technical achievements into accessible language, we facilitate a deeper understanding of the project's objectives and achievements among stakeholders, industry peers, and the public. Also, ENIDE takes part in disseminating the project results through various channels such as workshops, seminars, and conferences. This way, we ensure that the valuable knowledge generated within the DigitBrain project reaches relevant stakeholders, contributing to industry advancement and fostering collaboration.


ENIDE recognizes the potential of the project's outcomes to drive innovation and impact beyond its duration. We actively engage in the strategic exploitation of results, working closely with project partners to identify avenues for commercialization, technology transfer, and long-term value creation. By exploring opportunities for intellectual property, partnerships, and market entry, we contribute to maximizing the project's economic and societal benefits.

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