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EGNSS-enabled smart road infrastructure usage and maintenance for increased energy efficiency and safety on European road networks

  • Grant Agreement number 101004181

0 M+

36 months

December 2020 to December 2023

The challenge

ESRIUM is an international project fostering safer and more efficient roads towards a smarter, safer, greener transport system. The key innovation will be an EGNSS-based digital map of road surface damage and road wear. The road wear map will contain unique information for the road operators to enhance the road maintenance planning and to provide route recommendations to automated vehicles.

The solution

The imbalanced usage of the road surface contributes to its degradation, leading to safety risks especially for connected and automated vehicles. The problem becomes even worse with harsh weather conditions. Our solution consists in an EGNSS-based digital map of road damages and safety risks that will allow for route adjustments through I2V communication free of charge. These recommendations will lead to a more balanced use of the road surface and to a longer lifetime of the road infrastructure.
Technical expertise in the fields of EGNSS localization, mobile mapping, autonomous driving and I2V communication is combined with domain knowledge from road operators and logistics providers. The ambitious goal of ESRIUM is to create a new business-case with validated economic and societal impact.

ESRIUM will integrate and evaluate all the elements of its solution. We will demonstrate the sensor system, the EGNSS receiver, the digital road wear map and the relative processing platform and the C-ITS communication. The final goal is to set up a test vehicle which is able to receive routing recommendations and has enough autonomy to react accordingly.

Create a highly detailed EGNSS-referenced digital road wear map

Create a new mid-priced sensor system for detecting road damage

Implement EGNSS- localization system to provide accurate, authenticated yet low-cost position information in real-time

Broadcast precision routing recommendations

Broadcast potentially dangerous locations

Provide road damage state and evolution to the customer

Develop a business-case based on the ESRIUM services

Demonstrate smart automated routing based on broadcasted information

Outcomes: Key results

Role of Enide in 3-Co

Communication and Dissemination

Communication and Dissemination in the ESRIUM project are focused on spreading knowledge and information about the project's research and innovation outcomes and results. ENIDE, as the leader of this aspect, takes charge of developing and implementing an effective Communication and Engagement strategy to promote the progress and outputs of ESRIUM.

Communication and Branding Strategy

ENIDE designs and executes a multifaceted communication strategy for the ESRIUM project. This includes crafting social media campaigns, developing targeted messaging, and utilizing various channels to reach a wide audience. The strategy aims to create awareness of the project's research, innovations, and contributions to the field of geodata acquisition. Also, ENIDE oversees the branding efforts for the ESRIUM project, creating a cohesive and appealing brand image. This includes designing project brochures, newsletters, logos, and other visual elements that reflect the project's identity and resonate with stakeholders.

Web Development and Digital Engagement

ENIDE manages the ESRIUM project website, ensuring that it serves as an efficient communication tool with stakeholders. This includes regular updates, content curation, user experience enhancements, and integration with social media platforms. Also, ENIDE's role in the ESRIUM project includes continuous digital engagement through various online channels. This involves creating and sharing content based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), engaging with online communities, and fostering a strong digital presence that supports the project's objectives.

Dissemination and Knowledge Sharing

ENIDE actively promotes ESRIUM technical results and findings through presentations at conferences, congresses, and other events. This includes preparing and delivering engaging presentations, networking with industry experts, and showcasing the project's innovations. Also, ENIDE ensures that all project publications are accessible to a wide audience by uploading them to open repositories like project website, Zenodo and the ALICE Knowledge Platform.


Exploitation focuses on leveraging the project's assets and knowledge for further use in research, consultancy, education, and policy decision-making. ENIDE takes the lead in preparing and planning the exploitation of ESRIUM's outcomes.

Technology Scan

In the ESRIUM project, ENIDE conducts a comprehensive technology scan to assess the latest advancements and emerging technologies in the field of road maintenance and safety. By staying informed about cutting-edge technologies, ENIDE ensures that the ESRIUM solution is built using the most innovative and relevant tools available. This technology scan also helps identify potential improvements and enhancements to the road maintenance information system, making it more competitive and efficient in addressing road deterioration, automation requirements, and safety risks.

Market Analysis

The market analysis within the ESRIUM project is a critical examination of the road maintenance and safety industry. It delves into the target market, market size, competitive landscape, and the unique challenges and opportunities related to road deterioration, automation requirements, and safety risks. Tools such as PESTLE Analysis, SWOT Analysis, and Porter's Five Forces Analysis are utilized to provide a comprehensive view of the market conditions. This analysis helps in understanding the specific needs of road maintenance and safety, enabling strategic planning for the ESRIUM solution. By assessing the cost structure, lifecycle cost estimation, and benchmarking ESRIUM with existing market solutions, ENIDE and other project partners can align the ESRIUM solution with market demands, fostering digitalization, and enhancing road safety.

Business Case Development

ENIDE leads the task related to the development of the Business Case Baseline. They set up the initial version of the business case based on the ESRIUM business case during the proposal stage, defined use cases, and requirements from Task 2.1-2.3. This draft version is validated with project partners and potential customers to gain early market feedback. ENIDE plays a crucial role in defining the framework for the business case based on project activities and the economic sector. They also support other partners by providing a methodological approach and interface definition.

Business Plan Development

ENIDE collaborates with project partners to develop a robust and detailed business plan for the technologies developed within the ESRIUM project. This plan outlines the overall strategy for bringing the ESRIUM solution to the market, focusing on fostering digitalization and enabling road operators to reduce road maintenance costs and increase road safety. The business plan covers various aspects, including the target market analysis specific to road maintenance and safety, value proposition, revenue streams, cost structure, marketing and sales strategies tailored to the unique needs of the industry, and financial projections. By carefully planning the business aspects, ENIDE ensures that the ESRIUM solution has a solid foundation for market entry and long-term viability.

Exploitation Management and IPR Strategy

ENIDE leads the exploitation efforts of the ESRIUM project, focusing on leveraging the project's assets and knowledge for further use in research, consultancy, education, and policy decision-making. They are responsible for developing the methodology, metrics, and templates needed to create effective exploitation plans for the project's results. This includes managing Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) agreements among partners and planning and organizing exploitation workshops to coach partners on the exploitation approach and methodology. ENIDE consolidates the Exploitation Plans for ESRIUM outcomes, encompassing aspects such as product offering, business strategy, market estimations, financials, partnerships, and IPR definitions, ensuring concrete exploitation actions after the project's completion.

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