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Wireless charging for Electic Vehicles

  • Grant Agreement number 314126

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30 months

October 2012 to March 2015

The challenge

Today electric vehicles (EV) are having a hard time being accepted by the customer and diffusing in the market. Even though many aspects of EVs seem making them very appealing there are several concerns that people have on this technology:
• Range anxiety: Because of the limited range of EVs caused by the current relatively low capacity of batteries, the freedom of the driver, one of the major reasons to own a vehicle, is limited,
• EVs require a significantly higher initial investment cost than vehicles with common combustion engines due to the high cost of the energy storage (battery),
• The EV batteries need to recharge frequently and hence the driver has to find a suitable recharging stations and has to plan the routes accordingly,
• The charging process itself is very time consuming and hence user-unfriendly.

The solution

UNPLUGGED project aims to investigate how the use of inductive charging of Electric Vehicles (EV) in urban environments improves the convenience and sustainability of car-based mobility. In particular, it will be investigated how smart inductive charging infrastructure can facilitate full EV integration in the urban road systems while improving customer acceptance and perceived practicality. UNPLUGGED will achieve these goals by examining in detail the technical feasibility, practical issues, interoperability, user perception and socio-economic impacts of inductive charging. As one special variant, inductive en-route charging will be investigated thoroughly.
Technical objectives:
• Energy transfer speed
• Power transfer efficiency
• Vehicle/Coil positioning
• Magnetic field safety
• Crash safety
• Vehicle integration
• Power grid integration
• Protection
Economic objectives:
• Feasibility
• Placement
• Billing
• Implementation
Social objectives:
• Acceptance
• Behaviour
Interaction/interoperability objectives:
• Communication
• Standardization

Outcomes: Key results

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  • D5.6 Dissemination Material
  • D6.4 Exploitation Plans
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  • D7.1 Detailed project Plan
  • D7.2 Project Handbook

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