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5G Routes

5G Routes

5G Routes H2020

5th Generation connected and automated mobility cross-border EU trials

  • Grant Agreement number 951867

0 M+

36 months

September 2020 to September 2024

The challenge

To support the vision for CAM in a Digital Single Market aligned with the Commission’s EU policy in CAM and the strategic objectives of realising an EU-scaled network comprising 5G cross-border corridors. Our vision acknowledges the need:
● to accelerate the uptake of CAM services throughout Europe, including automated vehicles to seamlessly and safely move within and across EU borders thus minimizing deployment ambiguities;
● to provide passengers with seamless and uninterrupted multimedia services when crossing EU borders, as well as to enable continuous uninterrupted visibility and monitoring of cargo throughout its journey across different EU countries and over multiple means of transport (e.g. road, rail, maritime);
● to expand the major transport routes within Europe with 5G thus helping to realise the long-term roadmap in the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF2 Digital) 2021-2027 program.

The solution

5G-ROUTES is a 5G-PPP Phase 3 project whose aim is to validate through robust evidence the latest 5G features and 3GPP specifications (R.16 & R.17) of Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) under realistic conditions. In particular, it will conduct advanced large-scale field trials of most representative CAM applications to demonstrate seamless functionality across a prominent 5G cross-border corridor (Via Baltica-North), traversing Latvia, Estonia and Finland. This will help to boost confidence and accelerate the deployment of 5G-based interoperable CAM ecosystems and services throughout Europe.

To develop innovative and commercially exploitable CAM use cases for automotive, railway and maritime sectors within the cross-border context

To analyse the technical and business requirements for the use cases to enable extensive large-scale CAM field trials in the ‘Via Baltica-North’ 5G corridor

To advance and optimise the enabling technologies using AI for the reliable, seamless and uninterrupted delivery of interoperable CAM services across borders

To leverage and upgrade key assets from previous results and commercial products; to integrate the technological enablers in an end-to end CAM ecosystem, to setup the 5G corridor and to facilitate lab and large-scale field trial validation

To demonstrate the potential and the user value in advanced CAM deployments at cross-border areas, by characterising and optimising 5G technologies at both lab tests and large-scale trials, so as to validate applicable standards and key target KPIs thus boosting the confidence for wide adoption of interoperable CAM services in Europe

To develop and validate the business models of advanced CAM use cases that can be offered on top of existing services in a multi cross-border 5G operator environment, demonstrating benefits from potential operational cost reductions and new revenue generation streams

To identify and validate applicable standards as well as provide rationalised contribution to key standardisation bodies so as to sustain standardisation in the telecom and automotive sectors within the CAM context

To ensure long-term success through wide dissemination of the project’s results; to exploit synergies with other 5G-PPP projects and 5G CAM initiatives; to actively contribute to the 5G Action Plan strategic initiative with results from 5G technologies validation in CAM trials for the benefit of the European 5G, automotive, railways, maritime, transport & logistics industries, the university education and training of young and other professionals

Outcomes: Key results

Role of Enide in 5G-Routes

Technical Role

Leveraging our expertise in Digitalization Services, we bring to the table a unique combination of UX Design, New Technologies Insight, and Software Engineering capabilities that are driving the project's success.

UX Design

As a UX Design leader, ENIDE takes on the vital responsibility of crafting an unparalleled user experience for the maritime use case within the 5G-Routes project. By conducting meticulous user research and analysis, we ensure a profound understanding of the needs, motivations, and pain points of maritime operators and stakeholders. This user-centric approach enables us to design interfaces that are not only visually captivating but also ergonomically tailored to maritime contexts.

New Technologies Insight and Impact Assessment

ENIDE's New Technologies Insight service comes into play as we facilitate the integration of cutting-edge technologies, such as IoT and AI, into the maritime domain. Our in-depth technology monitoring and evaluation provide the project with a comprehensive understanding of emerging trends, while our expertise in AI and IoT empowers us to design and implement proof of concept projects that highlight the tangible benefits of these innovations. In partnership with the 5G-Routes project, we lay the foundation for maritime connectivity that is both transformative and sustainable.

Software Engineering

Underpinning the 5G-Routes project's technical prowess is ENIDE's Software Engineering expertise. As a trusted partner, we deploy our App Development, Web Development, and ICT Integration skills to seamlessly connect existing Fleet Management Systems with cutting-edge sensors and video capabilities. This synergy of software engineering excellence not only enhances maritime operations but also sets the stage for secure and efficient temperature-controlled transport, all powered by the potential of 5G connectivity.

Supporting role and other roles

Communication and Dissemination

ENIDE understands the significance of clear and concise communication in a complex project like 5G-Routes. We work collaboratively with project stakeholders to craft effective communication strategies that bridge the gap between technical intricacies and broader audiences. By translating technical achievements into accessible language, we facilitate a deeper understanding of the project's objectives and achievements among stakeholders, industry peers, and the public. Also, ENIDE takes part in disseminating the project results through various channels such as workshops, seminars, and conferences. This way, we ensure that the valuable knowledge generated within the 5G-Routes project reaches relevant stakeholders, contributing to industry advancement and fostering collaboration.


ENIDE recognizes the potential of the project's outcomes to drive innovation and impact beyond its duration. We actively engage in the strategic exploitation of results, working closely with project partners to identify avenues for commercialization, technology transfer, and long-term value creation. By exploring opportunities for intellectual property, partnerships, and market entry, we contribute to maximizing the project's economic and societal benefits.

Quality Assurance and Risk Management

Enide's commitment to project success extends to quality assurance and risk management. With a keen eye on project risks and quality benchmarks, we ensure that the implementation of innovative technologies aligns with the project's objectives and stakeholders' expectations. This comprehensive approach safeguards against potential challenges and assures the delivery of a robust solution.

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