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TeamAware H2020

Team Awareness Enhanced with Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

  • Grant Agreement number 101019808

0 M+

36 months

May 2021 to May 2024

The challenge

First responders are the first to arrive and provide assistance at the scene of an emergency that requires rescue operations and crisis management. They often struggle with inefficient and old technologies. To address these issues, the following features are essential:
• Real-time localisation and real-time monitoring of first responder team members,
• Detection of surrounding threats and risks,
• Fusion of information from several types of sources,
• Presentation of fused information via user-friendly displays.

The solution

TeamAware will develop an integrated and cost-efficient situational awareness system with heterogeneous and interoperable sensor units. (drone-mounted, wearable and external sensor systems)​ Highly standardised augmented reality and mobile human–machine interfaces will increase the flexibility and reaction ability of first responders. The purpose is to enhance crisis management, flexibility and
reaction capability of first responders of different sectors through real-time, fused, refined, filtered, and manageable information by using highly-standardized augmented reality and mobile human machine interfaces.

The main objective of the TeamAware Project is to develop an integrated and cost-efficient situational awareness system for first responders from different sectors with heterogeneous and hardly interoperable sensor units including drone mounted, wearable, and external sensor systems.

Development of an Integrated Situational Awareness System


Enhanced Safety and Effectiveness of First Responders

Outcomes: Key results

Role of Enide in TeamAware

Technical Role

In the dynamic landscape of the TeamAware Project, ENIDE assumes a pivotal technical role. With a keen focus on enhancing crisis management for First Responders, we bring our expertise in UX Design, New Technologies Insight, and Software Engineering to the forefront. Our mission is to craft a responsive and intuitive Mobile Interface (MI) that empowers team members with real-time, relevant information, fostering swift decision-making and effective collaboration in challenging scenarios. Through meticulous design, technological foresight, and software craftsmanship, ENIDE stands committed to equipping First Responders with the tools they need to navigate crises with confidence and precision.

UX Design

Within the TeamAware Project, ENIDE takes on a vital role in UX Design, contributing to the enhancement of crisis management for First Responders teams. The Mobile Interface (MI) is the focal point of our engagement, serving as a vital tool for team members deployed in the field. ENIDE's UX Design expertise ensures that the MI offers intuitive and proactive access to critical information. This information ranges from drone camera feeds and team members' health statuses to positions and tracking data. ENIDE's UX Design principles are tailored to the unique challenges faced by First Responders in crisis situations. Our approach prioritizes usability in harsh conditions, ergonomic considerations, and stress-induced environments. By carefully crafting the user interface, interactions, and information presentation, we empower First Responders with a tool that aids decision-making under pressure. ENIDE's role in UX Design directly contributes to improved crisis management, fostering efficient and effective collaboration within First Responders teams.

New Technologies Insight

ENIDE's New Technologies Insight service aligns seamlessly with the TeamAware Project's objective of enhancing crisis management for First Responders. By keeping abreast of emerging technologies and trends, we ensure that the Mobile Interface (MI) leverages cutting-edge tools to provide real-time, relevant information to team members. Our expertise enables us to identify and integrate technologies that facilitate seamless communication, data merging, and refinement, all of which are crucial for crisis response. ENIDE's role in New Technologies Insight encompasses the identification and evaluation of technologies that contribute to the MI's functionality. Whether it's real-time data integration, efficient information filtering, or robust communication capabilities, we bring these elements to the forefront. By combining our technological foresight with the project's objectives, we empower First Responders with a sophisticated MI that addresses their needs in crisis scenarios.

Software Engineering

ENIDE's Software Engineering service plays a pivotal role in the TeamAware Project, particularly concerning the Mobile Interface (MI). Our expertise in designing and developing software solutions is harnessed to create a robust and functional MI that aids First Responders in crisis management. We take the project's objectives and translate them into a tangible, reliable software tool that aligns seamlessly with their needs. Incorporating functionalities ranging from drone camera feeds to real-time team member tracking, our Software Engineering role ensures that the MI delivers a responsive and efficient user experience. We focus on the technical aspects of integrating various data sources, refining the information, and presenting it in a coherent and user-friendly manner. This service guarantees that the MI functions seamlessly even in challenging conditions, empowering First Responders with a tool that assists decision-making and facilitates collaborative efforts during critical situations.

Supportive Role

Communication and Dissemination

ENIDE understands the significance of clear and concise communication in a complex project like TeamAware. We work collaboratively with project stakeholders to craft effective communication strategies that bridge the gap between technical intricacies and broader audiences. By translating technical achievements into accessible language, we facilitate a deeper understanding of the project's objectives and achievements among stakeholders, industry peers, and the public. Also, ENIDE takes part in disseminating the project results through various channels such as workshops, seminars, and conferences. This way, we ensure that the valuable knowledge generated within the TeamAware project reaches relevant stakeholders, contributing to industry advancement and fostering collaboration.


ENIDE recognizes the potential of the project's outcomes to drive innovation and impact beyond its duration. We actively engage in the strategic exploitation of results, working closely with project partners to identify avenues for commercialization, technology transfer, and long-term value creation. By exploring opportunities for intellectual property, partnerships, and market entry, we contribute to maximizing the project's economic and societal benefits.

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