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Road Infrastructure ready for mixed vehicle traffic flows

  • Grant Agreement number 723016

0 M+

36 months

June 2017 to June 2020

The challenge

Prepare road infrastructure to accommodate for the step-wise introduction of automated vehicles with specific affordable adaptations and to support it with new models and tools.                              INFRAMIX is preparing the road infrastructure to support the transition period and the coexistence of conventional and automated vehicles.

The solution

INFRAMIX main target is to design, upgrade, adapt and test (in simulation and in real-world) both physical and digital elements of the road infrastructure, to enable the coexistence of automated and conventional vehicles, in specific scenarios, ensuring an uninterrupted, predictable, safe and efficient traffic; the key outcome will be a “hybrid” road infrastructure able to handle the transition period and become the basis for future automated transport systems. To achieve its objectives INFRAMIX selects a bottom-up approach. Instead of working in generic solutions with questionable impact, it builds on three specific high value (in terms of importance for traffic efficiency and safety) traffic scenarios, namely “dynamic lane assignment”, “roadworks zones” and “bottlenecks”. Although INFRAMIX is targeting mainly highways (expected to be the initial hosts of such mixed traffic) its key results can be easily transferred to urban roads.

Design new and upgrade existing physical & digital road infrastructure elements

Develop a co-simulation environment

Design and implement novel traffic estimation, monitoring and control strategies

Develop hybrid testing system

Design novel signaling and visualization elements

Evaluate user’s appreciation and acceptance

Evaluate traffic safety

Create a Road Infrastructure Classification Scheme

Outcomes: Key results

The outcomes will be assessed via simulation and in real stretches of advanced highways. Key aspects considered throughout the project will be to ensure that the proposed adaptations will not jeopardize safety, quality of service, efficiency and will be appreciated by the users.

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