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3-CO project

Concise Consumer Communication through Robust Labels for Bio-based Systems

  • Grant Agreement number 101086086

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36 months

February 2023 to February 2026

The challenge

Existing Labels and Certification Schemes (LCS) mostly use indicators and criteria that have been developed for traditional feedstocks (e.g. wood) and their applications. LCS development for novel BBPs has been hampered by their limited market volume.
In comparison to conventional materials, value chains of bio-based materials are often long due to numerous intermediate processing steps. Consequently, more effort is required to monitor the entire supply chain and obtain transparency. EU regulations often do not apply to value chains that originate from outside the EU.

The solution

The project aims to improve the sustainability performance and competitiveness in the bio-based systems. The focus is on consumer-oriented labelling options for industrial BBPs that are sustainable and circular, in terms of resources, processes and materials used in their entire lifecycle. The supportive framework will consist of actionable guidelines for LCS owners that reflect consumers’ and other stakeholders’ needs, digital solutions to support better-informed decision-making processes of consumers as well as policy recommendations on deploying social measures.

To evaluate and select LCSs in 10 industrial bio-based value chains

To assess the monitoring systems and indicators for LCS

To define affordability and economics of LCS

To evaluate the effectiveness and robustness of existing LCS

To create and evaluate consumer-based digital solutions to LCS

To provide recommendations on social measures to support better-informed decision making processes, social engagement and innovation

To promote synergies and seek complementarities with related actions

To develop and validate guidelines on the design of B2C labels for BBPs

Outcomes: Key results

Role of Enide in 3-Co

Technical Role

Within the technical role of the 3-CO project, ENIDE is focused on building smart digital solutions to support sustainable consumption of consumers. One of the key tasks under this role is to develop an AI algorithm capable of identifying bio-based labels and certification schemes (LCS). This AI algorithm plays a crucial role in providing consumers with sustainability information for bio-based products (BBPs) during online shopping and in-store decision-making. 

Scouting Existing Digital Smart Solutions

ENIDE scours the market to find inspiring examples of existing digital solutions that inform consumers about BBPs and the wider bioeconomy, as well as green solutions beyond the bioeconomy. Examples include apps like AllThings.Bio, Open Food Facts, or the Carbon Donut app. Representatives of these digital solutions will be interviewed to assess their performance, effectiveness, and practical experiences.

Designing and Developing Smart Digital Solution Prototypes

Based on the insights gathered from scouting existing solutions and understanding consumer needs and expectations, ENIDE proceeds to design and develop smart digital solution prototypes. These prototypes will focus on supporting consumer-oriented sustainability information for BBPs during online shopping and in-store shopping experiences.

End-User Focus and AI Algorithms

ENIDE prioritizes the end-user experience and integrates AI algorithms into its smart digital solutions for gathering product sustainability information. These AI algorithms are proficient in recognizing bio-based labels and certification schemes (LCS). Their pivotal role lies in furnishing consumers with valuable sustainability data concerning bio-based products (BBPs) during both online shopping and in-store decision-making. As a result, users can make informed choices effortlessly without the hassle of using multiple apps or conducting manual searches, leading to time-saving and reduced frustration.

Gamification Elements

ENIDE incorporates gamification elements into smart digital solutions. Gamification has proven to be effective in motivating and engaging users. By using gamification elements, digital solutions encourage users to learn new things, develop new behaviors, and stay committed to sustainable consumption practices. Gamification will also benefit less tech-savvy users by providing an accessible and easy-to-follow tutorial. For existing users, gamification serves as a reminder and motivator to use the digital solutions regularly. It enables target setting, rewards users for their engagement, and keeps them engaged over time.

Prototype Refinement Based on Consumer Feedback

The final content of the smart digital solution prototypes will be defined based on consumer needs and feedback. ENIDE takes into account user input to refine and enhance the prototypes, ensuring that they meet consumers' expectations and effectively support sustainable consumption decisions.


In the exploitation role, ENIDE is responsible for several crucial tasks that aim to ensure the successful implementation, commercialization, and long-term sustainability of the digital solutions developed within the project.

Technology Scan

ENIDE conducts a comprehensive technology scan to assess the latest advancements and emerging technologies in the relevant domains. By staying informed about the cutting-edge technologies, ENIDE ensures that the final MVPs are built using the most innovative and relevant tools available. This technology scan also helps identify potential improvements and enhancements to the digital solutions, making them more competitive and efficient in the market.

Business Plan Development

ENIDE collaborates with project partners to develop a robust and detailed business plan for the technologies developed within the project. This plan outlines the overall strategy for bringing the digital solutions to the market and achieving sustainable commercial success. The business plan covers various aspects, including the target market analysis, value proposition, revenue streams, cost structure, marketing and sales strategies, and financial projections. By carefully planning the business aspects, ENIDE ensures that the MVPs have a solid foundation for market entry and long-term viability.

Go-to-Market Strategy

ENIDE defines a well-thought-out go-to-market strategy for the MVPs. This strategy outlines the steps and actions required to introduce digital solutions effectively to the target audience. It includes the identification of key marketing channels, promotional activities, pricing strategies, distribution methods, and customer outreach plans. By executing a well-defined go-to-market strategy, ENIDE aims to create a strong initial market presence and attract early adopters, setting the stage for broader adoption and success in the market.

Exploitable Results Identification

ENIDE collaborates with project partners to identify exploitable results from the entire project. This includes not only the final MVPs but also any intangible assets, knowledge, or technologies that can be further developed or commercialized beyond the project's scope. ENIDE continuously updates and tracks these exploitable results throughout the project's duration.

Exploitation Plan and Guidelines

ENIDE prepares detailed plans and guidelines for the exploitation of the identified results. These guidelines outline the steps, requirements, and strategies for effectively leveraging the project's outcomes for commercial purposes. ENIDE ensures that the exploitation plans are aligned with the project's objectives and the market's needs, increasing the likelihood of successful implementation and sustainable exploitation.

Supporting Role

Consumer Behavior Analysis

ENIDE plays a supporting role in analyzing consumer behavior, particularly towards sustainable products and bio-based products (BBPs). This analysis helps in understanding consumer preferences, motivations, and barriers related to sustainable consumption. The insights obtained from this analysis can inform the development of digital solutions to better cater to consumers' needs and preferences.

Evaluation of Existing Digital Solutions for Biobased Products

ENIDE is involved in evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of existing digital solutions related to bio-based products. By examining other solutions in the market or industry, ENIDE can identify gaps or areas where the current offerings are lacking. This evaluation can inform the design and development of the new digital solutions ENIDE is responsible for creating.

Conducting Interviews and Focus Group Studies with Consumers

As part of subtask 2.4.1, ENIDE collaborates with representatives of 5 digital solutions to conduct interviews. These interviews aim to gather insights into the experiences of these solutions' users, understand the drivers behind their uptake, and identify the factors contributing to their success. Additionally, ENIDE may also conduct focus group studies with consumers to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and expectations related to sustainability information and digital solutions for BBPs.

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