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AWARDH2020 1st Conference

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AWARD 1st Conference
AWARD 1st Conference

📢 Grab your ticket, mark your calendars👉AWARD H2020 – AWARD 1st Final Conference: Revolutionizing Logistics – Advancements in Safe and Efficient Driverless Transportation! ( 📆 22 November, 2023  🕒 15-17CET 📍 Lyon, SOLUTRANS Event, CONFERENCE HALL #3

AWARD 1st Conference

The vision of Automated Vehicles (AV) has captivated imaginations for nearly a hundred years, heralding an era with fewer human-related accidents and more free time. Now, as AVs edge closer to being a staple on our roads, gauging public sentiment towards them becomes crucial for crafting informed policies and strategies. These vehicles stand to bolster safety and efficiency in freight transport, thereby enhancing the competitive edge of logistics.

Although autonomous truck technology has seen remarkable strides, there’s still a noticeable chasm before it achieves full-scale public acceptance and use. The AWARD project is at the forefront, aiming to bridge this divide. We are pioneering an advanced safe autonomous driving system (ADS) designed to navigate through challenging weather scenarios. This breakthrough is set to be incorporated across a range of vehicles, making its mark in low-speed environments and transforming the logistics sector.

We cordially invite you to the AWARD 1st Final Conference at the SOLUTRANS event in Lyon on November 22, 2023. It’s an opportunity to delve into this transformative field alongside world-renowned experts. Engage in the dialogue on “Revolutionizing Logistics: Advancements in Safe and Efficient Driverless Transportation”: BOOK YOUR SPOT

The AWARD project

The AWARD project will develop and enable a safe autonomous transportation system in a wide range of real-life use cases in a variety of different scenarios. This encompasses the development of an autonomous driving system (ADS) capable of handling adverse environmental conditions such as heavy rain, snowfall, and fog. The ADS solution will be based on multiple sensor modalities to address 24/7 availability. The ADS will then be integrated into multiple vehicle types used in low-speed areas.

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