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AWARDH2020 #4 Workshop

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📢 Grab your ticket, mark your calendars👉AWARD workshop #4: The AWARD Business Models Workshop (

💡Are you keen on exploring the future landscape of Autonomous Vehicles (AV) in the European logistics domain? We’ve Got You Covered! The ENIDE team is thrilled to host this interactive and cutting-edge workshop, presented on behalf of the AWARD-H2020 together with MODI Project and PoDIUM Project: 📆 11 December 2023 🕒 9-12CET📍 virtual event

With the backing of prestigious entities such as ALICE, Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe (ETP LOGISTICS), PAVE Europe, and the CCAM Association this event promises a rich exchange of expertise and visionary insights. 

Let´s shape the dialogue on AV’s role in transforming logistics: BOOK YOUR SPOT!

The AWARD project

The AWARD project will develop and enable a safe autonomous transportation system in a wide range of real-life use cases in a variety of different scenarios. This encompasses the development of an autonomous driving system (ADS) capable of handling adverse environmental conditions such as heavy rain, snowfall, and fog. The ADS solution will be based on multiple sensor modalities to address 24/7 availability. The ADS will then be integrated into multiple vehicle types used in low-speed areas.

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