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[Blog] Meet the Team – Episode 2: Nathan and Iara

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Meet the Team Enide

Welcome back to “Meet the Team”, our series where we spotlight the incredible individuals behind Enide. This episode features Nathan and Iara, two vibrant newcomers who joined us through the Eurodissey program, an initiative that supports young professionals in gaining international work experience. Enide’s commitment to nurturing young talent and fostering international collaborations is exemplified by its active participation in the Eurodyssey program. Both Nathan and Iara started their journey at Enide recently, bringing fresh perspectives and enthusiasm to our team. 

Meet the Team Enide Eurodissey

Nathan Michard

Innovation and Strategy Consultant

Meet the Team Enide Eurodissey

Iara Lage de Olim

Business Development Intern

The interviews

Nathan's Journey to Enide

Originally from France and raised in Belgium, Nathan brings a rich background in business engineering and international business, with a particular emphasis on project management. After an enriching educational experience that included a stint in Bangkok and an internship in Kenya, Nathan set his sights on Barcelona. He joined Enide to sharpen his skills in project management, working on key projects like 3-CO and AWARD. 

“Navigating through my day involves drafting deliverables for the European Commission, coordinating with partners, and occasionally scouting for potential investors for our projects,” Nathan shares. His role at Enide allows him to indulge in his passion for sustainable objectives and innovative logistics solutions. 

Iara's Path to Professional Growth

Iara hails from Madeira Island, Portugal, and her academic and professional journey is a testament to her dynamic capabilities. With a background in management from Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon, Iara’s roles in student organizations and a significant exchange semester in Morocco shaped her global outlook and honed her expertise in consulting and business development. 

At Enide, Iara is a business development intern involved in optimizing databases, conducting market research, and identifying funding opportunities. “Every day offers new challenges and learning opportunities, which is what excites me the most about my role here,” says Iara. 

Integration and Cultural Diversity

Both Nathan and Iara have found the integration process at Enide to be smooth and welcoming. Despite their recent arrival, they commend the supportive atmosphere and the flexibility within the team. “The company culture encourages open communication and collaborative effort, which greatly aids in our professional development,” Iara adds. 

Meet the Team Enide Eurodissey

Life Beyond Work

When not at work, Nathan enjoys playing sports like football and basketball, exploring the outdoors, and engaging in his new Barcelona lifestyle, which includes beach outings and cultural explorations. Iara, too, loves exploring Barcelona’s vibrant scenes and enjoys staying active with beach runs. 

Their hobbies not only provide relaxation but also enrich their professional lives by allowing them to bring fresh perspectives and renewed energy to their roles. 

As Nathan and Iara continue their journey at Enide, they are excited to contribute to and grow with the company. Their stories are just beginning to unfold, and we look forward to seeing where their paths will lead them within Enide and beyond. 

Join us as we continue to explore the stories of the people who make Enide a remarkable place to work. Stay tuned for more episodes from “Meet the Team.” 

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