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[Blog] Meet the Team – Episode 1: Arnau

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Meet the Team Enide

Welcome to the first feature of our “Meet the Team” series at Enide, where we showcase the amazing individuals behind our innovation. Kicking off this series, we’re excited to introduce Arnau Pérez, an Innovation Consultant who recently joined us.

Arnau Photo profile

Arnau Pérez

Innovation Consultant

The interview

Journey to Innovation

Arnau shares about his academic background, “I hold a degree in Business Administration and Innovation Management…” His journey from leading real-company projects at university to Enide is marked by a passion for applying creativity in the business world.

A Typical Day at Enide

Describing his role, Arnau says, “Each day is a unique blend of tasks and projects aimed at making a meaningful impact.” He’s enthusiastically involved in projects like AWARD, PoDIUM, and 3-CO, focusing on sustainable mobility and environmental innovation.

Integration into Enide's Team

On joining Enide, Arnau highlights the welcoming team culture, “From day one, there’s a sense of unity… that makes you feel part of a family.” This positive dynamic has greatly contributed to his integration and overall job satisfaction.

Life Beyond Work

Arnau’s interests like traveling, photography, and music intersect with his professional work, enriching his contributions to Enide. He finds joy in the multicultural aspect of his role, which aligns with his personal passion for cultural diversity.

Arnau embodies the innovative spirit and collaborative culture of Enide. His story is just the beginning of our “Meet the Team” series. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from our team members, as we continue to explore the people driving Enide’s success!

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