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The Eurodyssey program

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The Eurodyssey program

We are proud to participate as a host company in the Eurodyssey program. This renowned international exchange initiative, sponsored by the Assembly of European Regions (AER), offers young talents the opportunity to gain valuable internship experiences in different European countries. Enide is thrilled to welcome two talented interns, Luca Colais and Paulo Pereira, who are set to embark on a transformative journey with us.

The Eurodyssey program

The Eurodyssey program

Eurodyssey is a youth mobility programme, entirely managed at regional level in Europe. It provides young people (18-30 years old) based in the participating regions with a paid traineeship abroad, between 3 and 7 months. Eurodyssey promotes social inclusion and integration of young people in the job market, while encouraging language learning and intercultural exchanges.

Organisations (companies, associations, public administrations) based and legally registered in the participating regions can sign up to the programme and submit traineeship offers through the website. Their registration and traineeship offers are reviewed by the regional authorities coordinating Eurodyssey in the region.

Young people based in the participating regions are eligible to apply to these traineeships. Their registration and applications are reviewed by the regions as well, and then by the companies.

Regions, Companies, Young People: all three parties are essential for the good functioning of the programme, and Eurodyssey delivers special objectives for each of them.

Our role

Enide’s commitment to nurturing young talent and fostering international collaborations is exemplified by its active participation in the Eurodyssey program. As a host company, Enide opens its doors to Luca and Paulo, providing them with a supportive and immersive environment to learn and grow. For several years, Enide has been an active participant in this prestigious program, contributing to the development and enrichment of aspiring professionals.

Luca, an aspiring talent with Italian roots from Belgium, is undertaking his internship in Enide’s Innovation Management area, guided by Loha Hashimy. Paulo, a motivated intern from the beautiful island of Madeira, Portugal, is embarking on his internship journey within Enide’s Business Development department, under the guidance of his mentor, Radivoj Malić.

Added Value for Enide and the Interns

Enide’s involvement in the Eurodyssey program brings immense value to both the company and the interns. For Enide, hosting international talents like Luca and Paulo enriches the organization’s diversity, broadens its perspectives, and fosters a vibrant and inclusive work environment. The interns, in turn, gain invaluable professional experience, broaden their horizons, and develop cross-cultural competencies that will shape their future careers. This symbiotic relationship creates a dynamic atmosphere of learning and collaboration, contributing to the growth and success of Enide and its interns alike.

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